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Photo: Kelsey Sheaffer

Photo: Kelsey Sheaffer

joanastillwell (at) gmail (dot) com

I use video and material fragments to investigate the collapse of virtual and physical spaces as memories, lived environments, and digital interfaces become overlaid and interchangeable. I am interested in the capacity for technology to propose alternative strategies in which to engage with the world as we continue to extend ourselves in new and enduring methods. Seemingly unremarkable fragments offer new potentials in questioning meaning, worth, and care.

Sand dollars, tiles, a pink square, a happy light
Inhales, exhales, the Atlantic
Found wood, rose essential oil
A sunrise, pink rectangle, a light fixture, string
Boats, ripples, a white sheet
A light bulb, packing material, snoring
Thirty sunrises in an hour

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ⓒ 2019